Petrina's bathroom mirror

Petrina came to us to solve her big problem: how to find a mirror for her new en-suite. At 1800mm long, this is a substantial thing! We found the perfect frame and built her a unique mirror.

You could buy a mass-produced mirror for your new bathroom - but you could have one that is made exactly to fit your space, made from solid wooden framing in a stunning design of your choice.

You might be surprised at how reasonably-priced such a mirror can be! Enquire today.

Lucy and the peacock

Lucy and the peacock

Lucy loves her peacock. Her school art masterpiece hangs on her bedroom wall so she can enjoy it every day.

When we saw Lucy's wonderful, exuberant creation, we knew it needed something to make the colours 'pop'. Lucy had the joy of making it; our privilege to frame it in gold and white with conservation glass, so it is preserved for many years to come.